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Writing a curriculum

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What's necessary?
You have to write out an application,
and attach your curriculum.

It's irrelevant how long you've been alive
Better keep your curriculum short.

You must be concise and select the events,
Change landscapes into addresses
And half-remembered dates into remembered ones.

Of all your loves your married one is enough,
andonly mention living children.

It matters more who knows you than who you know.
List journeys made but only if abroad.
Of belonging to something, but never say why.
Decorations bestowed without any motivation.

Write as if you never speak to yourself
And you avoid yourself.
Skim over cats, dogs and birds,
bric-a-brac from the past, friend and dreams.

Cost over worth
And the title rather than the contents.
Better give your shoe size, than reveal where
the person you're mistaken for goes.
Put a photograph in with your ears showing.

Form is important, not what you feel.
What can you hear?
The sound of the paper shredding machine.

WISLAWA SZYMBORSKA - From "People on the bridge" (1986)

Marco Nicolè - curriculum vitae

Marco Nicolè started studying the classical guitar at a young age. Guided by Angelo Amato, he graduated with "Lode" at the Conservatorio di Musica "Benedetto Marcello" in Venice.
He then perfected his technique through courses held by Ruggero Chiesa.
His achievements in national contests include: Finale Ligure '90, Rovere d'oro '90, Sresa '90, E.C.A. Milano '92, Savona '92, Mottola '94).
He then focused on chamber music, collaborating with different formations and in particular, sice 1989 with the guitar quartet "Federico Moreno-Torroba"; moreover he held solo and orchestra concerts (Carulli,Giuliani,Rodrigo,Vivaldi).
The interest for the research and diffusion of the guitar repertoir resulted in various collaborations with composers such as D.Anzaghi, M.Baratello, P.Beraldo, L.Mosca, M.Peguri, M.Pozzobon, M.Segafreddo and D.Zanettovich for the realization of original pieces and guitar transcriptions.
He gathered further interest in the guitar repetoir by the hungarian composer Ferenc Farkas ( probably the most known in Hungary after Kodaly); thanks to the collaboration with the composer's son, Andras Farkas, he profuced a monographic work (cd and article) published through the guitar magazine 'Il Fronimo'.
Dedicated also to the contemorary repertoir, he has played pieces written for electic guitar; relevant for this area of interest was the event 'Solid body, soul of steel, electric heart', held 24th May 2014 at the Conservatorio di Musica 'Benedetto Marcello' in Venice.
He also recorded some CDs. With the guitar quartet "Federico Moreno-Torroba" ( 'Colori e Danze del Novecento' and 'Cantares Populares') judged positively by the critic ( ' Musica viva', 'Musica', 'Il Fronimo', 'Sei Corde', ' Classical Guitar', 'Les Cahiers de la Guitare', 'Ritmo', 'Soundboard'). A monography about F. Farkas and a monogrsphy about the american composer Jon Ward Bauman. A monographic CD for guitar duo about the piece by Ferdinando Carulli was also published in the maagazine Amadeus.
He collaborates permanently collaborates with:
- Alfonso Baschiera, Guitar;
- Monica Finco, Flute;
- 'La Fenice' Theatre, for guitar operas such as Henze's ' Elegy for young lovers', Rossini's ' The Barber of Seville' and Verdi's 'Othello').
Winner of the National Contest for State Conservatories of 1994 ( with maximum acknowledgement in the instrumental examination) , he teached at:
- the Conservatorio " N.Piccinni" in Bari,
- the Conservatorio "A. Buzzolla" in Adria ( where he was also Principal);
- he is currently guitar teacher at the Conservatorio di Musica "Benedetto Marcello" in Venice.